Written on Sunday, April 20, 2008 by haleigh

Today, for the first time in over two weeks, I was actually able to write something that was mildly legible! Woohoo! All I managed to write was sex, but hey, that's still writing. Right?

* * * * * * * *
Shae opened the fridge and bent to grab beer bottles from the bottom shelf. The temptation to grab her from behind, push her up against the counter was overpowering. Bury himself inside that sweet body she’d been tempting him with all day and forget everything except her.

She bent farther to push aside the leftover’s from Maura’s lasagna to reach the beer. Without thinking, he stepped up behind her and rested a hand on the back waistband of her jeans.

She gasped and straightened, swung around to stare at him with wide eyes. He didn’t give her time to react or object. He grabbed her around the waist with both hands, pulled her body flush against his own, and took her mouth with his. His tongue slid into the sweet honey of her mouth and everything else ceased to matter.

He could feel the tension draining out of her body, as if she wanted to fight him but couldn’t keep up the ability to do so. Her body softened, sank into his. That was it. He slid his hands lower, to her hips, and pulled her against him. She was so soft, so warm. And that ass. All day he’d found his eyes drifting there and now...he ran his hands around to grab it, lifted her. Walking her backward, he lifted her onto the kitchen counter, stepped between her open thighs.

She moaned and pulled him closer, her fingers closing around his upper arms. She was kissing him back now, her tongue sliding against his. Christ. The intensity of his desire for her blew his mind. It was just like that morning, all he could focus on was the thought of stripping her down, spreading her legs, settling himself right there.

Her legs wound around his waist, pulled him against her, so tight that his cock was pushed against her center, so tight he could feel her heat through her jeans.

“Christ, Shae.” He dropped his mouth to her neck, her throat, raised a hand to cup her breast through her shirt. Nothing was sticking in his mind - there were fragments of thoughts about condoms and consent, but he couldn’t focus on anything except her breast, her lips.. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah.” Her voice was husky, her breath coming in gasps. Her fingers found the waistband of his jeans and popped the button.

A loose thought about condoms was still in his mind, but he couldn’t keep his attention there long enough to remember where he had put them. There was a pack somewhere. Bathroom? Bedroom? She pulled his zipper down, her fingertips brushing against his cock. Christ. Why weren't they in the kitchen?

“Come on.” He got his hands under her ass, pulled her off the counter, and carried her toward the bedroom. Her arms were around his neck and she was still kissing him. He caught his hip on the edge of the recliner, spun, kept walking. The feel of her mouth, her tongue...

He pushed her up against the wall between the bathroom and bedroom doors. Where the fuck had he left the condoms? Her hands were busy, pulling his shirt up, trying to get it out of the way. Then she got her own shirt off.

“What’s wrong?” she said.

He yanked down on one bra cup, enough to get access. “Condoms.”

“Under the sink.”

When he dragged his gaze from her breasts to her face, she was grinning, an impish, mischievous smile. “Glad I’m so curious now?”

* * * * * * * * *

Hopefully I can keep up the progress, though that's not a sure thing. Christie, Marnee - how are you guys doing? Anybody else break through this week?

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  1. Kelly Krysten |

    Good scene! And I'm doing the Book In A Week challenge this week. I got twelve pages done today. I'm pretty proud!

  2. haleigh |

    Thanks Kelly! Nice job on the page count yesterday :) What's the "Book n a week challenge?

  3. Kelly Krysten |

    Book In A Week is when you try to write about 200 pages in one week.
    I don't think I'll make 200, but I'll at least make some good headway.

  4. Sin |

    Kelly K, insane! Good luck hon!

    Hal- I seem to be back on track. It was WCA holding me back and now that it's finished, I feel lighter. I just wrote up a prologue for DV. I know I've been told that prologues don't usually make the final cut, but I felt this story needed one to understand what made her leave without waiting for the rest of the story to explain.

    Anyways, that was a VERY good excerpt! This book is going to be baller babe.

  5. haleigh |

    Thanks Christie! Glad to see your back on track too. Good timing, since I'm closing in on your word count (unless you were bad and didn't update your word counter again!).

    LOL. Have fun this weekend :)

    Kelly - WOW! Good luck - hope its good motivation to bust out a bunch of pages. Glad to see that we're all out of our slumps!


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