Written on Wednesday, April 09, 2008 by haleigh

So who is making progress in this race of ours? Because I know it's not me! I got stuck somewhere around Sunday. I sat, staring at my computer, for five hours. In that time, I managed to flip through 800 channels, buy stuff I don't need online, and write exactly one paragraph.

I feel like giving myself a big thumbs down.

So while on this hiatus from any productive form of writing, I decided to take up my husband's hobby of watching TV. There are a couple shows I love, though I rarely end up sitting down to watch. Bones is one of them, and I watched a re-run from season one.

So Agent Booth (otherwise known as David Boreanaz, or Angel, or soooo hot) is stymied on an investigation. And he turns to Bones and says "I'm getting no where on this case. Usually by now I have a sense of the victim. I know what she likes, what motivates her, what she was thinking. I can't figure out who killed her if I don't know her."

(or he said something similar to that...)

Not that I want to compare my heroine to a murder victim, but it made sense. If I don't know her, more specifically if I don't know what motivates her, I have no idea how she would react in the situation I've shoved her into.

Hence: I'm stuck.

So I spent last night trying to get to know this girl. I've been having this sinking suspicion for the past few weeks that she's really a huge bitch. Turns out I was right. There are things about her that I don't like. I'm already finding myself trying to think of ways to redeem her by the end. I've been trying to convince her to act in a more responsible manner, be a bit nicer, be a bit less selfish. She disappeared and I've written a grand total of 500 words in a week. comes the bitch. I'm letting her out to play. She wants to save her job, and she has every intention of doing whatever that takes. Even if it means lying to the one man trying to help her, hiding evidence he needs for his investigation, and (inadvertently) putting innocent lives on the line.

Maybe she'll redeem herself, maybe I'll still want to punch her in the jaw in the end. I guess we'll see.

Anybody else have a character they can't control? I feel like I'm trying to discipline a two year old or a small puppy. I put one hand on my hip, point the other to her nose, and say "Young lady, you will start following orders and stop caring so much about your damn job."

She wrinkles up said nose, flips her hair, and next time I see her, she's dancing with some strange guy at Eugene's (or whatever they're calling that club nowadays).

Christie, Marnee Jo, anybody are you guys coming? Christie, I noticed you took down your word counter. Don't make me waggle my finger in front of your nose too! How are you coming?

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  1. Sin |

    Waggle your finger at me? LOL

    I didn't take it down. Blogger ate it when I shifted my template. I will put it back up this weekend after I get home from STL.

    I've not made progress. I want to start out DV differently so you get a feel for Sadie's character. Sadie is the most unruly, hard to figure out woman on this side of the planet. No wonder the guys are so easy to write. Ruiz comes to me like a vision. Ash is an ass but he still likes to talk to me. Sadie is very quiet. Very reserved. Very.. shifty, almost.

    You need to work on the characterization outline I sent you. I think that will help you some. I found out a lot of stuff about Sadie I didn't realize when I was working on it.

    No pressure. No frustration. It will come to you, young grasshopper.

  2. haleigh |

    Damn blogger for eating your word-o-meter. I need it to measure my progress!

    And I DID use the character survey you sent! She wouldn't talk! All she wants to do is listen to music and dance and make snarky comments. I'll try again with the surveys - maybe something has been rattled loose.

    From what I've read, I love Sadie. She's kick-ass. I'm sorry that she's being all shifty on you, but when you do capture her on paper, it's amazing.

    And yeah, I'm trying not to be frustrated. That doesn't work so well for me. I'll get there - thanks for the sage advice, oh wise one.

  3. Kelly Krysten |

    I've stalled out too. I wonder if there's something going
    Good luck, though. I hope you get back on track soon!

  4. Marnee Jo |

    I've stalled out as well. I think it's something in the air. I have allergies, maybe that's it.

  5. haleigh |

    Allergies! Yes! Perfect excuse Marnee. Kelly, does that work for you too? LOL.

    Next week. I have faith that we all will make progress next week :)

  6. Kelly Krysten |

    Allergies are as good an excuse as


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