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Written on Sunday, March 16, 2008 by haleigh

In an effort to motivate us, Christie and I have added word count bars to our blogs. Your job is to mock us if we don't hit at least 500-800 words a day during the week, and 3,000 words a day on week ends.

Let's see how fast we can crank out a manuscript. The goal is have a first draft by June/July, rewrite till October, and have it ready for a contest in November.

So far, I've spent most of my time staring at a blank screen, which I call "research." After all, you have to have ideas, right? And then you have to double check those ideas against fact.

That means getting on google, and do you know how many interesting things are on google? Tons and tons of interesting things!

And of course, to write you need music! But all my music is on a different computer. Which means moving it all over. Then the playlists are all organized wrong. So now I have a separate play list for each type of scene I'm going to write. For motivation.

So now I'm ready to write.....but it's been hours, my ass is sore from this chair, and I'm hungry. Tomorrow, I'll be ready to start as soon as I sit down, since now I have all my facts and my playlists.

Yep, tomorrow.

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  1. Sin |

    My dearest darling Hal,

    See you at the finish line.

    :) Christie

  2. Kelly Krysten |

    Good luck! That's such a great challenge.

  3. Marnee Jo |

    That's an awesome challenge. I hope you guys do it. The wordometer adds pressure, I think. Or, I might just be psycho.

  4. Sin |

    Marn is psycho. LOL

    And it's okay. There will be days that you're kicking my ass in the word race. And when I say days, I mean weeks. LOL

    I wrote another 2k last night. I read it was flowing for you too.

  5. haleigh |

    another 2 thousand words Christie? And here I thought I was doing good with 1300.

    I'm feeling a second wind coming out!

  6. haleigh |

    Kelly and Marnee Jo - thanks for the well wishes! The word-o-meter is definitely adding to the pressure levels. Which is good, cause otherwise I'd procrastinate....

  7. Marnee Jo |

    See Christie? I'm not psycho. At least not about this....

    I wanna dive in on this. Though, I suppose I'm doing something similar. Mine is that I write 20 pages a week. Not as intensive, I guess, but it's working so I'm not whining.

  8. haleigh |

    we were shooting for 10k per week, which is close to 20 pages, right?

    The more the merrier, I say, but at this point, Christie's going to kick both our butts. I saw we gang up on her!

  9. Sin |

    You can't use my fellow pirate to gang up on me!

  10. Marnee Jo |

    Man, she's got some pirate spunk to her too, huh? LOL!!

    I'm happy to have others to share the strife with. I've got a bit of a jump on you guys, I think. I'm at ~33k already. Though, the rate Sin writes, she'll wander past me next week.

  11. Sin |

    Not after the night I had last night. Though I'm off work the rest of this week after 7pm tonight. We'll see what I can do about catching up to you on Thursday night. LOL


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