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Written on Sunday, November 15, 2009 by haleigh

I have an unhealthy addiction to how-to books. My favorites are on an easy-to-reach shelf, full of dog-eared pages and notes jotted in margins. But one topic which doesn't get much attention in how-to books is conflict.

All fiction must have conflict. It's the foundation upon which our characters are built and our plot rests.

But not much study has been done on how to most effectively use conflicts in fiction. The academic study of conflict, referred to sometimes as peace studies, peace and justice, or conflict resolution, can teach writers how to create conflicts which not only support the characters, but drive the plot forward.

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  1. Melissa Johnson |

    Yay! Did you hear me wishing you'd start blogging on your site again? What a great idea to focus on conflict...I'll be checking in for help!

  2. haleigh |

    awesome! Thanks Melissa (and no I didn't hear you wishing *g* but I'd been wanting to go back to it for a while!)

  3. Heather Menchero |

    I am so happy to find your blog! I am in the planning stages of a novel and have been thinking about conflict nonstop for a week. Today I thought, "Maybe I should find some resources," and just happened to see a link to this blog on Query Tracker. Serendipity!

  4. haleigh |

    Hi Heather!
    Talk about serendipity! I hope you find it helpful, and good luck with your new project!


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