Written on Thursday, January 08, 2009 by haleigh

So tomorrow morning, I'm making the drive to Pittsburgh, where I will begin an intensive week of course work and critique groups. I'm filled with a mix of excitement and dread. Excitement for all the cool things I'm going to learn, dread that Marn will pass me up in our JanNaNo while I'm gone.

Oh, wait. She already passed me? Well then....

But really, I'm a bit nervous. Mostly about the critique groups. What if I'm too harsh? What if people hate mine? And I'm nervous about meeting new people - I don't generally do well in situations where I have to meet new people. I stutter and stammer and look down at my shoes. So to boost my confidence, I bought these amazing new shoes. That way, when I duck my head to hide, I'll see the phenomenal shoes, be bolstered with confidence, and suddenly start making spell-binding small talk. (true story - I actually spent weeks searching for the perfect shoes to bolster my confidence).

But on a better note to bolster my confidence levels, I just got handed a book, part of which I wrote!! It's scholarly, not fiction, so not quite as exciting, but still! It's an edited book, and I co-wrote one chapter. So I excitedly flipped to our chapter (not missing the wonderful new-book smell and crisp, bound pages) and found the four pages of the chapter that I wrote all by myself. Hot damn! It's hideously boring, about how post-WWII mathematical research was used to study the feasibility of global peace, but still - I wrote it!!

Okay, so between those two things, I should have my confidence up, right? I'm ready to go. And when I get back next Thursday, hopefully I will have tons of materials for blog posts about writing and craft and will blow your socks off.


(oh, and in the mean time, check out Jessica Faust's blog today - I liked to it on your right, called "Agent's tastes." Excellent info on the agent-editor-author relationship)

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  1. Jessica |

    Was I on your mind? You said you linked to my blog but I think you meant Jessica FAUST.
    LOL Sorry, still chuckling.
    Anyways, wow! YOu're going to have so much fun, especially with those killer shoes. :-)
    Very cool that you wrote in a book. Really. I bet it's not boring to some people.
    And I don't think you could be too harsh. I really like the way you critique and think you'll add a lot to the experience! Have fun!

  2. haleigh |

    Jessica Faust!! LOL. I get Jessica Faust and Kristen Nelson confused, so then I end up talking about you :)

    Here's the shoes. They're so freakin hot:

    And thanks for the props on my critiquing skills - I'm always so scared I'm being mean, but at the same time, I don't want to gloss over what I see as problems, you know? So I'm glad you think I'm not too harsh.

    And yeah, the subject of our chapter is not boring to everyone - good thing, or I'd be out of a day job, right? lol. It' just boring to most normal people (and apparently, all of my students :)

  3. Melissa |

    You will do fantastic! Speaking from experience, the recipients of your critiques are fortunate to have your thoughtful insight. And your "shoes for confidence" idea makes perfect sense - - brilliant! I'm stealing it. :) Learn lots and share -- can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Jessica |

    Ooh, those are cute!

  5. haleigh |

    Thanks Melissa! I'm so glad you both think I don't destroy people with critiques. I've been told I've made people cry before with my comments (opps!) so I try to tread carefully now....

    And they're great shoes, right? My husband thought they were ugly and laughed at me :)

  6. Marnee Jo |

    I missed this until this morning.

    I'm so excited for you! I think this is going to be so great. You're going to learn so much. I'm so jealous! I'm absolutely going to pick your brain.

    I started writing my paranormal last night. I spent all day yesterday obsessing about it so I wrote the prologue last night. I figure I'm counting it towards JaNaNo. I don't think it matters what I write on, as long as I write. (Or so I'm telling myself.)

    And those shoes are adorable. What do husbands know about hot shoes?

    You're not a mean critiquer at all. You have nothing to worry about. Not too harsh at all. You're going to do great!


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