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Written on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 by haleigh

Nov. 5th, 2008

So I have a secret. After last week's posts, I'm sure this is no longer a secret to anyone else. But here it is. I hate epilogues. Blame it on the mini-feminist living in me, but the assumption that a HEA must include marriage, babies, and sex at regular intervals makes me want to jump out of my skin. And frankly, most epilogues take a satisfying happy ending and turn it into a sap-fest.

So this week, I found a new RS author - Annie Solomon who was the 2007 RITA winner in the Romantic Suspense category. I loved every word of her book, but most of all, I loved her ending. At no point did either the hero or heroine say 'I love you,' or have the classic 'Oh no, I realize now I'm in love with her' moment of internal dialog. There was no discussion of marriage or a long-term future commitment, and only a cursory mention of babies in a "lets practice since we've got the routine down" sort of way.

And yet, there was not a doubt in my mind, when I set down the book, that they were madly in love and would live happily ever after. And all without the normal sap overload of an epilogue. Personally, I found this thrilling, and I'm sure I'm going to re-read and re-read to figure out how she manged to do this so I can do it too!

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  1. Jessica |

    You're so funny! So I think the real problem here is not the whole marriage thing, but author's TELLING the reader that things are going to work out (or have). It sounds like Solomon did such a great job with the story that she didn't need an epilogue to reassure a doubtful reader. You obviously do love HEA, LOL. But you want to feel that it'll last, not be told.
    I don't read epilogues either. They're boring.
    And do you know what else I usually skip? Wedding scenes. There's nothing more boring than descriptions of flowers, the groom's joyful face, blah, blah, blah.
    :-) Cute post. I might have to check that author out.

    Okay, but I do like an I Love You. I'll admit to that.

  2. haleigh |

    LOL! I like an "I love you" too, and to be honest, I didn't notice there hadn't been any until after it was over.

    I'm so happy to find someone else who skips the epilogue. yay!

  3. Anonymous |

    I like when characters say "I love you." I usually like a book less when characters don't say it, but I understand what you mean about epilogues.

  4. haleigh |

    Yeah I was kind of surprised at the "I love you" skip - I usually do like having that. In this case, the real shock came when I didn't realize until later that it was missing - the love was so obvious without it. It's "show, not tell" taken to the extreme *g*

  5. Anonymous |

    I'm interested in checking this author out. Did I somehow miss the name of the book you loved? Love to try it out. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. haleigh |

    Hi Surfer! it's Blackout by Annie, and I thought it fabulous. Happy reading!


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