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Written on Thursday, October 02, 2008 by haleigh

It's official. I have jumped onto the contest bandwagon. Three contests, just this week! In my defense, they'll be the only ones this year - they just happened to fall on the same week.

So I (holding my breath and crossing my fingers) sent in submissions to the Suzannah contest (North Louisiana RWA chapter), the Beacon Unpublished contest (First Coast RWA chapter), and signed up for Golden Heart.

I figured signing up now for Golden Heart would accomplish two things: keep me from getting blocked out if they hit their cap of 1,200 entries, and force me to finish my revisions. I paid my fifty dollars, so you better believe something is getting sent in by Dec. 2nd! How's that for motivation?

For anyone else currently trying to navigate contests, Stephie Smith has a brilliant and up-to-date chart of all contests, their rules, and dates, and their judges here.

Also, the Beacon contest deadline was extended (I really wish I'd known that last night when I frantically turned in my submission at 11:46 pm - lol) until the 7th. They're looking for more inspirational, erotic, and short/series contep if anyone's got them. It looks like a pretty good list of final round judges!

Anyone else submitting to contests - Golden Heart or smaller ones? Do you have any specific strategy for picking from among the pletorha of contests that exist (cause really, you could go broke fast entering too many of them!).

I made myself an excel chart of the contests I'm interested in, complete with final-round judge info, and a ranking system for msyelf of which I'm most interested in (yes, I'm a complete geek!). My strategy has been to look at who's judging the final round - if it's an agent or publisher I'm intersted in, then I go for it. If it's not, I pass.

Anyone else have a strategy?

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  1. Kelly Krysten |

    Great strategy! And great new blog look!

    I do not have a strategy. I do not enter contests...(perhaps I should end that with a yet...I will one day enter again. Just a little gun shy).

    Ok, good luck on all of the contests! I'm sure you'll do great. And feel free to let me read your Was that too grasping?:)

  2. haleigh |

    LOL! Don't worry, Kelly, as soon as I finish revisions, I'm going to be begging people to read it. You'll be a the top of my list!

    Gun shy about contests huh? That sounds like a nasty story! I'm a little nervous about the comments I got back. Hopefully the judges will be nice (or at least, not spiteful!)

  3. Jessica |

    WOW! I love your new page. Very cool and totally matches your style (that I've read).
    I'm debating on entering the Golden Heart. I really want to. There's a couple others, including the Beacon, that I'm considering. I just have to sit down and enter. :-)

  4. haleigh |

    Hey Jessica! I thought of you when I saw the Beacon was looking for more inspirational entries!

    I'm so glad you think the new look and writing style match - that was I was going for *g*

  5. Jessica |

    I'm feel gunshy about contests because I just got results back. Ugh.
    Judge 1 gave a range between 3-5
    Judge 2 gave all 5s. A little too good to be true :-)
    Judge 3 gave me all 3s. Not horrible, but EVERYTHING???
    So, just a warning. Don your armor. :-)
    But I wouldn't be surprised if you final. What entry are you sending?

  6. haleigh |

    Jessie - that's so frustrating! I've heard that complaint a lot, that you often get conflicting reactions from various judges. And really, what's up with marking all the same numbers all the way down the list? That's just lazy judging :)

    This is my very first set of contests - first round results are released Nov. 15th, so I will have armor on and firm :) I submitted the first two chapters of Nowhere to Run (Cole & Shae) to all the contests, so we'll see what happens!

  7. Anonymous |

    No contest here. But I'm sending los of good vibes your way.
    I'm sure you'll do great.

  8. Anonymous |

    That was supposed to be lots....Blogger ate the T, I swear it!

  9. haleigh |

    Thanks for the good vibes Stef! Nice to see you here - hope life is going super well (and that you got a new washer!)


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